Top 10 Celtic Weapons and Armor Used in Battle

The Celts fought in many battles for the sake of territory and prestige. They participated in the Battle of Allia and Sack of Rome in 390 BC, the Battle of Anio River, Pedum, Camerinum, and many more. The Celts were known to be brave, proud, and skilled fighters. However, they were also known for being … Read more

Top 10 Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings Explained

The term “Celtic” pertains to people who lived in the United Kingdom and Western Europe between 500 BC and 400 AD. Celts lived in small villages led by warrior chiefs during the Iron Age. Ireland has been home to different civilizations for millennia with its rich history and culture. One interesting aspect of Celtic civilization, … Read more

10 Famous Celtic Leaders

Many historians conjure a somewhat mystical picture of the Celtics, a people who occupied what is part of modern-day Western Europe. The first documentation of the Celtics appeared in Roman writings during the seventh or eighth century BC, where the Romans described them as Galli or barbarians. However, the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus mentioned them … Read more

Top 10 Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Celtic gods and goddesses were worshipped by the Celtic people across the European continent. The polytheistic society of the Celts worshipped over 300 deities, some of whom remain sacred symbols for modern-day pagans. Most of our knowledge about Celtic deities was plucked from the writings of Julius Cesar and his contemporaries and the first wave … Read more

10 Foods That Celts Ate

The Celts are a pretty interesting group of people. Yes, the wars and battles that they’ve won are impressive. The Celtic cities are remarkable, and their artworks are amazing and unique. However, if we really want to know how they lived back then, we must take a peek at how they acquired and prepared their … Read more

10 Reasons for the Fall of the Celts

The ancient Celts were a proud and brave people. Many historical accounts tell of their fearlessness in battle, with some tribes waging war naked and unperturbed about their safety. Although tribal-centric, they prospered because they were pretty hospitable when they were not in the thralls of warring with each other and expanding their territory.  Several … Read more

10 Examples of Celtic Cities That You Need to See

Celtic culture is thought to have evolved as early as 1200 B.C. The Celts scattered throughout Western Europe through migration, including Ireland, Spain, Britain, and France. Their legacy is most visible in Ireland and the United Kingdom, where traces of their culture and language can still be found. The Celtic nations are a cultural region … Read more

Top 10 Celt Achievements and Inventions

There is a sense of excitement in discovering how ancient cultures innovate to get things done. With limited tools and equipment, they have learned to rely on their skills to lay out a more convenient and livable future for the generations to come. And those are the legacies working in the modern-day. Like the other … Read more