Top 10 Viking Weapons and Armor Used in Battle

Vikings are popularly associated not only with ships but also with weapons. Their customs require all free Vikings to carry weapons at all times. It does make sense because weapons are crucial for self-defense and on their plundering raids. But for ordinary Vikings, some of these weapons are used as tools to help them with … Read more

How Did the Vikings Look Like? 10 Physical Features Explained

The Vikings, or Norsemen, were members of the Scandinavian warriors, who were excellent seafarers, tradesmen, and colonizers. They were often depicted as tall, muscled, and fair-skinned people with long blond or red hair. In addition, many paintings depicted them as unkempt and dirty. But the depiction was more a product of fiction. Based on archeological … Read more

10 Famous Viking Leaders

Vikings are renowned for their mastery of the seas and seemingly unending desire to explore distant lands for expansion and adventure. Their chieftains are capable warriors, often staging raids for conquest against foreign territories. While there was also internal strife, they managed to minimize it by launching large-scale campaigns against the Englishmen, Frenchmen, and other … Read more

Top 14 Viking Gods and Goddesses

The Vikings honored several gods and goddesses, each responsible for varied areas of life. They have two pantheons or tribes, the Aesir and the Vanir, constantly interacting as allies or enemies. Most of the gods and goddesses came from the Aesir tribe, while a few deities from the Vanir tribe became honorary members of the … Read more

10 Foods That the Vikings Ate

The Norse enjoyed a well-balanced diet in ancient times. Like other civilizations that operated under a feudal economy, the Vikings had access to various foods, including meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Despite the harsh conditions in their native land, they were regarded as master homesteaders with outstanding ingenuity and skill. They cultivated a wide range … Read more

10 Reasons for the Fall of the Vikings

Vikings were renowned for their viciousness in battle and their strong desire to colonize lands. They were capable seafarers who set sail and explored places where the wind and the currents took them. They conquered and pillaged towns and villages in different regions in Europe and became known as ruthless barbarians because of their prowess … Read more

Top 10 Viking Cities You Should Know About

Vikings have fascinating stories, traditions, and culture. Most ancient groups were land dwellers, while Vikings were seafaring people. They originated from Scandinavia, present-day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Some historians believe that Vikings discovered and explored America way before Columbus did. Vikings were branded as savages who raided more civilized nations in search of women and … Read more

10 Examples of Viking Art That You Need to See

Vikings gave great importance to art.  As proof, several objects made and influenced by Norse culture are found across a vast geographic expanse. The Norse devotes a significant amount of resources to creating extraordinary things. Most of these resources are those they acquired from foreign countries through trade and plunder. Since these meticulously crafted objects … Read more

Top 10 Viking Achievements and Inventions

The Vikings have a barbaric reputation because of their known ferocity. They looted, pillaged and burned homes and even enslaved, murdered and raped their victims. Despite that, the Vikings had special skills and left a legacy that forever changed people’s lives. They were remarkable engineers, and their innovations enabled them to sail across the oceans. … Read more