Top 17 Inca Symbols and Meanings (Explained)

The Inca civilization was a theocratic society that believed that politics and religion were intertwined. Their religion had features of fetishism, animism, and worship of nature gods symbolizing nature’s forces. Thus, most of their symbols were representations of nature.  It is difficult to pinpoint all the important symbols of the Inca Empire, which is still … Read more

How Did the Incas Look Like? 10 Physical Features Explained

The Incas belonged to the Inca Empire, which started in 1438. You can consider them wizards in food production, weaving, engineering, and architecture. Communities produced food for every people in the empire. The Incas were strong people, with the commoners subsisting on two nearly vegetarian meals daily. They were lean in physical body size, height, … Read more

10 Famous Inca Leaders

If you’re trying to learn as much as you can about ancient civilizations, there are plenty of avenues to help you paint a bigger picture. For example, when it comes to the ancient Egyptians, learning about their pantheon of gods and goddesses is usually a good way of peeking into their culture. For the ancient … Read more

Top 10 Inca Gods and Goddesses

What do you look for, when you’re curious about facts concerning ancient civilizations such as the Inca? While it’s understandable to be interested in the Inca — as they had the largest empire on the planet at one point — what would be the best way to look up such a civilization? Their achievements? The … Read more

14 Foods That the Incas Ate

The Incas were ambitious and excellent farmers that grew and developed many fruits, vegetables, and meat sources to nourish the members of their vast empire. They conquered different environments to produce a wide range of crops—the rainforests of the Amazon basin, the coastal deserts, and the high-elevation Andes mountains.  They developed crops resilient to various … Read more

10 Reasons for the Fall of the Incas

When you look into the many achievements of an ancient civilization like the Incas, it’s hard to imagine that it experienced a downfall to begin with. For example, the Incas were known for implementing a system so effective that you didn’t need money to build a society. Everyone knew their place, and those that took … Read more

Top 10 Inca Cities You Should Know About

What’s the best way to learn about ancient civilizations and how they lived? There are plenty of answers to such a question, and all of them are valid. For example, it’s a good idea to look into the pantheon to see what they revered. It’s also a great idea to look into how they ate, … Read more

12 Examples of Inca Art That You Need to See

The Inca civilization produced some of the ancient Americas’ finest works of art. Incas usually use geometrical shapes for their patterns. The checkerboard was very popular for textiles and pottery, which the artisans produced as tax to the state. The designs varied according to their cultural heritage and specific communities but often showed abstract and … Read more

Top 10 Inca Achievements and Inventions

If there’s one thing that can help people learn all about ancient civilizations, it’s the puzzle pieces they leave behind — specifically, their achievements and inventions. In fact, it’s often the only thing an ancient civilization has to offer for many people. It’s a shame, as so much of the world today wouldn’t exist without … Read more