11 Famous Ancient Roman Leaders

Ancient Rome was one of the few historical periods that greatly impacted humankind. It influenced western civilizations, but traces of its influences can be seen almost everywhere. It may not seem obvious to some people, but the Romans influenced the alphabet, the political systems, the calendar, social welfare, and more. Moreover, they influenced the law, … Read more

Top 10 Roman Empire Gods and Goddesses

The Romans have a rather interesting history when it comes to the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome. While the Greek pantheon tends to be more famous throughout pop culture, the thing about the ancient Romans is they were very, very good at absorbing gods and goddesses into the pantheon. As a matter of fact, … Read more

10 Foods That the Ancient Romans Ate

The Roman Empire is probably one of the most, if not the most, famous ancient civilizations. It centered in the city of Rome in what is now Italy, but the Romans controlled lands as far as France, Spain, Greece, and parts of North Africa and the Middle East. The Roman Empire encompasses the founding of … Read more

Top 10 Roman Empire Cities You Should Know About

To understand ancient Rome is to delve deeply into their mythology, the way they lived, and their greatest cities. The ancient Romans are perhaps the most popular ancient civilization due to its inclusion in popular media. There are films about the glory of ancient Rome, documentaries, and even video games. While the popularity of ancient … Read more

15 Examples of Roman Art That You Need to See

While the Greeks influenced the Roman artists, they developed their unique styles and techniques. It is a pity that natural disasters and marauders destroyed most of the Roman paintings and frescoes. However, many columns, arches, houses, mosaics, gems, and sculptures in marble and bronze survived to give today’s generations a deeper look into the lives … Read more

Top 10 Roman Achievements and Inventions

The Roman Empire is one of the most influential civilizations in the ancient world. Their inventions have certainly shaped history, most of which are now significant standard technologies. Because of their ingenuity, they established themselves as a dominant civilization and left a legacy that changed the course of human development.  Ancient Rome made it possible … Read more