Top 10 Mesopotamian Weapons and Armor Used in Battle

In the old world, many ancient civilizations have the distinction of inventing the things we take for granted today. Of those ancient civilizations, the Mesopotamians win out as the overall pioneer. The first system of writing? Mesopotamians. Mathematics? Mesopotamians. The concept of time itself? That would be the Mesopotamians as well. That being said, while … Read more

10 Famous Mesopotamian Leaders

One way to help get a better understanding of an ancient civilization is by looking into the lives of their greatest leaders. While many famous leads of other civilizations are notably more famous in pop culture, there’s no denying that the great leaders of Mesopotamia are some of the greatest in the history of mankind. … Read more

Top 10 Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses

At this point, you’re probably well aware of many gods and goddesses from various ancient civilizations. Ancient Greece? That’s easy, especially for those who’ve played God of War or watched a Disney film. Zeus, Hera, Hercules—pretty standard stuff all things considered. What about the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt? It’s also somewhat easy due … Read more

10 Foods That Mesopotamians Ate

One of the best parts about diving deep into an ancient culture is learning all about their daily lives. Yes, the epic stories of great conquerors and royal family dramas can be fantastic in their own right, but there comes a time when even the most ardent history buffs want a little break from the … Read more

Top 10 Mesopotamian Cities You Should Know About

It’s sometimes hard to focus on the Mesopotamian civilization the same way that you would focus on the Egyptian dynasties or the Greek peninsula. Compared to the latter two civilizations, the Mesopotamians encompass a large area with various civilizations over the course of thousands of years. The gods and goddesses number in the thousands, making … Read more