10 Famous Ancient Egyptian Leaders

When researching a civilization as powerful as ancient Egypt, it’s often not enough to look at the impact they had on modern culture and how they grew into an old world superpower. There are so many notable individuals surrounding ancient Egypt that it acts as a rabbit hole for even the most passionate history buffs. … Read more

Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

When it comes to the pantheons of ancient gods and goddesses, most people would probably consider the Greek pantheon to be the most popular. Not only do they have plenty of epic stories, but the Romans are just a carbon copy of the same pantheon with different names. That said, no ancient civilization matches ancient … Read more

10 Foods That Ancient Egyptians Ate

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10 Reasons for the Fall of Ancient Egypt

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Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Achievements and Inventions

When talking about ancient civilizations and their contributions to the modern world, it would be remiss not to mention perhaps the most fascinating civilization of them all—the ancient Egyptians. When you think of many different inventions (simple and complex) of today’s society, it’s likely that they have their roots in ancient Egypt. It’s an amazing … Read more